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Getting Started With SEO: Important Questions to Consider

JW Maxx Solutions, a leading expert in the online reputation management process, knows that when it comes to the past decade, a lot has changed in search engine optimization. Ten years ago, creating a website and being found on Google wasn’t very complicated. Only recently has Google’s most recent quest for authenticity, authority, quality and usability have required a new strategy, since tips that could have helped your site get to the top of the ranks then won’t do much today.  But these ideas can help get you started in order to optimize your site for today’s standards.

The most important thing to do is to start with a plan:  Trying to navigate the web without a plan is like is trying to row a boat with no oars. You might eventually get somewhere, but not where or when you wanted to arrive. Ask yourself questions about your business to help determine some of the most important elements. Things like what your expertise, demographic, message/media, even who your competitors are. Why should Google rank you higher? Conduct research, segment your audience and set realistic goals. Set tracking in place to help measure your efforts vs. results.

Although the initial planning stages sound like a lot, asking yourself (and even potential or past customers) can help you determine some of the most important aspects about the direction of your business. By eliminating irrelevant keywords and choosing a focused direction, it can help any business forge forward in order to build their best brand. For this and more information about starting the online reputation management process, please visit