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Online Reputation Expert JW Maxx Solutions Shares Tips for Posting on Social Media

Online Reputation Expert JW Maxx Solutions wants people to know important tips on how to protect online reputations. Many of these start with the individual. What might seem like following common sense is sometimes overlooked when not considering consequences at a given moment. For example, it is advisable to never post material online when intoxicated, upset, or any other condition that impairs reasonable judgement. That inappropriate picture taken late at night with friends or that blog post written after a heated argument with a client can have a lasting impact. Any material that is made public should be carefully considered before submitting. If anything could be deemed offensive, false, or otherwise harmful, the best move is to not post it. Although it might feel reassuring to get out thoughts and vent, the consequences might not be worth this brief moment of relief.

In order to be more cautious of what to post on social media, Online Reputation Expert JW Maxx Solutions recommends understanding the clear division between professional and personal life. Content that is posted on a personal social media site is typically different from what would be published for a professional profile. Again, it is advisable to always use common sense in such matters. If something seems like it might not be a good idea to post, it probably should not. Even social media pages with specific privacy settings are not completely safe. Close friends or family can be hurt from viewing postings. While there is always the presence of freedom of speech, it might not be worth it when such material can damage reputations.

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