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Reputation Management Protects Businesses Downgraded by Consumers

With the rise of internet communication, reputation management is a more serious issue than ever. When negative press about your company appears on the first page of Google results, the consequences can be devastating for your company’s reputation and revenue. Walter Halicki of JW Maxx Solutions says, “Consumers’ perception is everything nowadays. One customer can make or break your business. Every company and individual, really, should have two things. A lawyer and an Online Reputation Manager.”

Options for having negative articles removed are limited. You can attempt to resolve the issue that led to the complaint, and you can ask the website owner to remove the article. Sometimes, however, the website owner will not be willing to take down the article. The good news is that you do not need to allow the negative publicity destroy your online reputation. It is simple to drown negative press on Google searches with the strategic use of reputation management articles.

Negative publicity can strike any business, regardless of the validity of the claims. Complaints are far more noticeable than praise when a consumer is browsing, and it only takes a few negative responses to reduce consumer confidence. Even when a complaint or criticism is completely unfounded, it can debilitate a company’s online reputation and cost them hundreds, if not thousands, of customers.

Don’t let your business be affected by this negative press. An online reputation management firm like JW Maxx solutions can resolve these issues and keep your business competitive. Visit our site at